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In lieu of a bio is this award winning essay about me written 
by a 10 year old boy named Graydon Leigh.

Slop! Oh sorry did I spray some paint on you?!
Hi, my name is Graydon and today I am going to talk about a very special and
talented person.
I am also going to convince you that he is the best at what he does! Brock
was born in Victoria 44 years ago. He was never really interested in school.
His mom used to joke that she would prefer to put pictures he had painted or
drawn on her fridge instead of his report cards. Later, he discovered that
he had dyslexia. That means that the letters and words he was reading didn't
really make sense to him. After leaving school, he traveled around and
ended up as a cook in a restaurant in Toronto. He didn't know what he wanted
to do with his life. He came home to B.C. and unfortunately discovered that
he was sick - very sick. He had a disease called H.I.V. This can lead to an
extremely contagious disease called AIDS. People can die from this. At this
stage in his life, Brock realized that he could die without ever living his
life dream...to be an artist! One of the reasons that Brock is the best at
what he does is that he dominated the war between him and his disease and he
succeeded in becoming an artist. Since then, he has developed a style which
is unique. When you see one of Brock's pictures you instantly know that it
was created by him. He has won several awards for his artwork and he's been
able to meet people like Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor - a famous
actress, the Prime Minister and many others. This is my first reason for
Brock being the best at what he does. Most importantly Brock has won awards
for the work he does for people who aren't as lucky as he is, are sick with
AIDS, and sick children. One of the things he does is goes to the hospitals
and gives out over 100 teddy bears each Christmas. This is my second reason.
Finally, if you look at our school lobby you will see Brocks' work. He loves
working with children, and seeing them create art. He loves seeing children
happy, and proud of what they have done. He wants to see children grow up
and live healthy and happy lives. He is a burstingly kind person that loves
giving and seeing other people smile. By the way, did I tell you that when
he became an artist, he changed his name?
His name is Joe.
Joe Average!!
Not your Average Joe!

Graydon Leigh
10 years old
4th Grade Coquitlam River Elementary School